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honeybeeBase Integrates With Quickbooks

By January 18, 2020 November 21st, 2022 No Comments

honeybeeBase is excited to announce that it now integrates with Quickbooks, the nation’s leading bookkeeping and payroll software.

As a business owner or manager, we know your time is valuable.

We also know that much of your valuable time is buried in day-to-day employee management tasks and activities.

It’s for this reason that we’ve created an all-in-one technology solution to simplify and streamline the employee management process.

But another technology platform, alone, is not always the answer.


Because many businesses are operating off of a number of different technology systems, and lack the opportunity to transfer data between the two – leading to operational inefficiencies and manual labor.

For example, you may be working with one vendor that offers a digital time clock, and a separate vendor that digitizes payroll. 

While beneficial to have both digitized, if the data is not transferable between the two, it’s still requiring you to manually calculate your employees time and attendance to get accurate data into your payroll system.

Is it worth the time?

In today’s world, the short answer is: no.

In today’s tech-savvy world, we have the capability to enable these platforms to essentially “talk.”

What we mean by that is, data can be transferred between systems (based on the settings you select) automatically. 

This eliminates the need for manual entry, and simplifies and streamlines the employee management process.

Essentially, it’s called an integration.

One feature our customers’ requested was to set up an integration with honeybeeBase’s employee management software and leading payroll company, Quickbooks.

They asked, we answered:

Our team at honeybeeBase worked closely with Quickbooks to develop an integration that felt simple and smooth for our customers.

The goal: to further simplify the management process and help you become more productive.

You deserve a time tracking and leave management system that integrates seamlessly with payroll.

Today, honeybeeBase can sync your time clock with your employee roster in Quickbooks, and use the digital time card to allocate towards your staff’s payroll.

Simply put: it saves time and eliminates human error.

How does the Quickbooks integration save me time?

Rather than exporting a list of your employees’ hours each week, your employees’ hours worked will transfer automatically to Quickbooks.

Quickbooks will align the “employee name” (listed on your payroll roster) with the time report and adjust the hours accordingly.

In other words, information is only entered once – and removes the need for dual cross-entry.

How does the Quickbooks integration reduce human error?

Many businesses are still manually tracking employees’ time and attendance. 

Even with a digital time clock, there’s still manual labor involved in either calculating the total hours worked or manually transferring the data over to your payroll system.

Manual labor can cause human error.

Regardless of the number of times we “check for accuracy” – when manual labor is involved, there’s bound to be mistakes.

While human intelligence is the “ultimate” intelligence for many things – technology has abilities to calculate and automate processes more quickly and accurately than the human mind.

Why Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is the leading payroll system for small businesses.

It’s proven to help streamline processes between accounting, payroll, and human resources – and seeks to help small businesses be more productive.

Many of our customers utilize Quickbooks for all their book-keeping needs.

Our team at honeybeeBase felt the integration with Quickbooks was a natural fit for these reasons.

In Closing

If you currently utilize Quickbooks, or are considering Quickbooks as a viable bookkeeping option, take advantage of this integration.

Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have about the integration, along with simplify the process of getting it set-up for you.

Please email me at tim@honeybeebase.com if you have any questions, or need assistance integrating with your Quickbooks account.

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