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Selecting an Employee Scheduling Software That Fits Your Needs

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Evaluating employee scheduling software? We can help!

As each day passes, new technology and automation programs are released into the marketplace – helping managers, like you, simplify your job.

64% of small businesses are using cloud-based technology today to help streamline and systemize their organizations. (financesonline.com)

But technology, alone, isn’t the end all, be all strategy for all organizations.

It requires a thoughtful analysis of technological platforms that meet the unique needs of your specific business.

With scheduling being a top of mind challenge for many companies, we’re starting to see businesses look for a software solution that can add to their companies “technology suite.”

Challenges of Employee Scheduling

The reality is, though, that managers like you are struggling to find the time to “pause” your day-to-day tasks and activities to focus on evaluating platforms and incorporating new technology systems into your company. 

The idea of onboarding a new tech program seems overwhelming and time consuming. 

So, you return to what you know best.

Pen and paper or excel.

…a tried and true method for employee scheduling. 

While not the most efficient, you know it’s been able to successfully get the task completed. 

So you stack a pile of “request-off” forms on your desk.

You open up your emails and texts from your staff to begin organizing their availability for the next two weeks.

Only to find, that Sally (and a number of other employees) forgot to turn in her availability.

You reach out to Sally and wait to hear back, in an effort to ensure you aren’t scheduling her on a day that she’s unavailable.

Finally, you have everything you need to build out the next two weeks.

These are the typical scenarios you face on a weekly basis, right?

Creating the staff schedule becomes a burden, consuming too much of your valuable time.

That is, unless you have a software that takes some of the brunt work for you.

A Solution to Simplifying The Employee Scheduling Process

There are a number of technology programs out there that offer a scheduling tool.

But not all are alike, and only a few can be customized to your unique needs.

Here’s a few things to look for when evaluating an employee scheduling software:


Your scheduling software should include a level of automation that helps simplify the “who’s working when” process when building out the schedule.

For example, if your employees submit their availability or time off requests, the automation feature should automatically sift out those that are available for a particular shift – and give you the power to choose among the available staff.

Integration with other Employee Management Tools

Your scheduling software should also have the capability to integrate with other employee management software, such as your time clock tracking or payroll company, for example.

For example, the integration between the time clock tracking and the employee scheduling platform allows you to compare scheduled hours vs. actual hours worked and can send you hints for potential violations.

Team Notifications and Communication

Your employee scheduling software should have the capability for you to notify your team when schedules are prepared and/or any changes are made.

It should also have the capability to allow your team members to swap schedules (with or without permission from their supervisor – depending on how you set-up the account) and send internal communications to your team as needed.

Keeping your team in the loop is critical to having a successful employee schedule. 

24/7 Staff Accessibility to the Schedule

Society today relies on their smart devices for nearly everything.

So why not put the schedule in a place where all employees have 24/7 access to it?

Your employee scheduling software should include a mobile app component that allows employees to access their schedule, and also submit change requests, time off requests, availability updates, and shift swaps with other coworkers.

Rather than having your employees call their supervisor to check the schedule and verify the time they’re to report to work, simplify it by giving them 24/7 instant access to the employee schedule. 

In Closing

Among the many features to look for in an employee scheduling software, the 4 listed above are the top features that you should evaluate when making a decision on a technology platform.

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