Who and Why: The honeybeeBase tale

Over a decade ago we did extensive research into a simple solution to lead our team and we could not find what we were looking for in the marketplace. An easy to use app with multiple functions that could handle our core business functions simply didn’t exist.

Through years of development, we invented an easy solution that handles your leadership needs of:

  • Task Management
  • Time Clock and Attendance
  • Time Off Tracking
  • Employee Scheduling
  • and much more

Born from the roots of entrepreneurism,  Joe and Kris Nonnamaker started our companies in 1986 in the restaurant industry. We grew our team from just one shop to over fifty shops.

Their two sons, Will and Wayne Nonnamaker, also both joined the business and continued in those entrepreneurial roots. The family continued their growth to include Restaurant Maintenance, Real Estate, Event & Conference Center, and an IT Support and Development business.

It has been over a decade since we developed software that allowed us to communicate with our many remote teams as if they were in one place.

We were able to streamline and remove many different pain points for our operations with the honeybeeBase solution.

Realizing other businesses could benefit from this solution we invested in offering this solution to other businesses nearly five years ago.

With all development and support staff located in our Northeast Ohio headquarters, we are here to help you manage and lead your teams.

While our solution is scalable to companies in excess of 500 employees, we are passionate about helping others with entrepreneurial aspirations and therefore have kept our investment very affordable for the smaller businesses.

We look forward to helping you simplify your business.

What's with the Bee?

honeybeeBase™ offers multiples solutions much like there are multiple combs in a hive. You may start out only needing our Time Clock and Attendance solution, but find that the Task Management solution serves great purpose in your team. With simple and affordable pricing, you can use the sections of honeybeeBase™ that serve your team.

Also like a team of bees, honeybeeBase™ allows you to use the service from any phone or computer that has access to the internet. For businesses that have multiple remote locations, honeybeeBase™ serves as the central “hive” where your team can come each day to ensure you are all working towards your company’s mission.


12,500,000+ Payroll Hours Recorded

5,500,000+ Employee Hours Scheduled

700,000+ Time Off Requests Tracked

2,000,000+ Quiz Answers Given

2,500,000+ Messages Sent

750,000+ Tasks Recorded

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