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Weekly, HR professionals and business managers around the world are reviewing staff attendance and time sheets, and manually adding up employee hours or hunting on the internet for a time clock calculator.

It’s stressful and time consuming.

The time it takes to calculate the hours of each employee steals time away from other important tasks and activities associated with employee management.

But, ensuring payroll is accurate for each employee is all the motivation HR needs to get the job done, regardless of how long it may take.

As technology continues to advance, the urgency around integrating tools and technology into our systems and processes becomes more and more pressing. 

The world around us is moving rapidly.

And by implementing the right technological tools, you can move at that speed, efficiently and effectively.

Let’s start with an automated time clock calculator.

Here’s the top 3 benefits of an automated time clock calculator.

1. An Automated Time Clock Calculator Saves You Time

A recent study performed by Gallup indicates that HR managers spend the majority of their time reacting to problems that would diminish if they could get ahead of their initiatives.

“While HR should support or lead these issues on some level, …investing in technology that expedites tactical work will free them up to focus on the big picture.” (What HR Needs to Succeed But Most Don’t Have)

Depending on the size of your business, whether it’s you, your managers, or your HR team – employee management deserves a significant amount of time and attention. 

An automated time clock calculator will give you hours back in your work week to focus on the bigger picture when it comes to your employees.

2. An Automated Time Clock Calculator Integrates with Payroll

honeybeeBase, our time clock software, integrates directly with leading payroll companies like Quickbooks. Read all about it here.

Simply put, it talks to your payroll company – and transfers the appropriate hours worked to each employees’ paycheck. 

Rather than manually calculating and entering accurate information into your payroll system, it eliminates that step completely through automation.

As you evaluate time clock software, consider the features each time clock program includes – and consider selecting a software that integrates seamlessly with your payroll company.

3. An Automated Time Clock Calculator Eliminates Human Error

Regardless of how long we work on the task, or check over our work – we’re bound to make some mistakes. 

When it comes to payroll, the larger your team, the easier it is to make human error. 

Payroll error is one of the most common and costly mistakes HR professionals face.

Not to mention, employees become dissatisfied with their employer and less engaged when they have to deal with an inaccurate paycheck.

It’s not worth the risk of potentially disrupting the company due to a simple mistake. 

Especially when automation can eliminate that worry and possibility altogether.

In Closing

We know that “doubt” feeling when it comes to adding new technology into your proven processes and systems.

We also understand it’s not easy to stop what you’re doing, and give yourself time and space to evaluate technology options that, long-term, could be a great solution.

That’s why we at honeybeeBase make it simple.

The secret recipe to succeeding with our technology, is signing up for a free trial and immediately scheduling a live demo with a honeybeeBase team member.

Our team will walk you through, step-by-step, how to set-up your account, customize based on your specific needs, and ensure your journey with honeybeeBase is a success.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign-up here.

And schedule a free demo here.

Stop spending monotonous hours on employee management tasks, and free yourself up to focus on the bigger picture when it comes to your business.

Here’s to success with honeybeeBase.

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