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Save time spent on building staff schedules by incorporating an employee scheduling app.

As an employer of a small or midsize business, you spend hours in your week buried in excel sheets managing employees.

One of those tasks is building an employee schedule that aligns with your employee’s availability.

You finalize the schedule, roll it out to the employees – and the next thing you know, an employee suddenly has something come up on their schedule.

They are no longer available for their shift.

You spend more time rerouting employees, trying to fill the shift while still meeting everyone’s availability and work expectations.

If all else fails, you end up stepping in to fill that shift for them. 

The process of creating an employee schedule can be cumbersome and frustrating.

And you’re not the only one experiencing the frustration…

A 2016 survey of retail managers indicate that 82% of retail stores are understaffed each week, and 62% of managers said employees have quit due to ongoing scheduling conflicts. (As shared on

You deserve an employee scheduling solution that’s going to save you time, eliminate error and free you up to focus on what matters most to grow your business. 

It starts with a software that includes an employee scheduling app.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Employee Scheduling App

1. Employee Scheduling App Puts Your Staff’s Availability All in One Place

Stop chasing your employees for their availability.

Stop wasting your time sifting through paperwork or employee emails to see when they’re available, and instead – collect it all in one place.

With honeybeeBase, employees can enter their availability into the app on their mobile device.

With automation, when it’s time to create the schedule you’ll be able to see who is available for each shift. 

2. Employee Scheduling App Gives Employees 24/7 Access to their Schedule

Many industries have multiple shifts to fill throughout the week – relying on the availability of your staff to fill those spots. 

But when it comes to making sure your employee knows when they work – you can either trust they’re checking the staff bulletin board where you’ve printed an excel doc of the schedule.

Or you can put their schedule right on their mobile device.

Within the honeybeeBase app, your employees have access to their schedules at the tap of a screen.

3. An Employee Scheduling App Gives Employees Access to Swap Schedules

Let’s say you own a restaurant – and have various shifts for your staff to fill.

Your waitress, Sam realized she has a mandatory school event next week, and can’t make her shift. 

With honeybeeBase, Sam can request to swap a shift with another employee, or find another employee that’s available to fill in for her.

It makes the process easier for you and for your employees to find people to cover their shift and/or swap shifts so they can still keep their payroll hours in tact.

4. An Employee Scheduling App Simplifies Employee Recordkeeping

We all know what you look like when it’s time to “create the employee schedule.”

You hide in your office, buried in paperwork – manually sifting through documents to see who’s available for what shifts.

Vacation request forms.

PTO requests.

Availability (or lack thereof).

It feels unorganized and overwhelming – and you’re almost guaranteed to make a mistake.

honeybeeBase eliminates that stress and reduces the potential for mistakes.

The software and mobile app allows employees to go in and enter their availability, vacation requests, and track PTO. 

All of this information is populated for you, and essentially allows you to drag-and-drop employees into a shift that makes sense for their schedule, and for yours. 

5. An Employee Scheduling App Frees You Up to Focus on What Matters

honeybeeBase is proven to save you time! 

It sets out to eliminate the hours you spend working IN the business, and frees you up to focus on what matters to growing your business.

Why spend hours buried in paperwork or sifting through employee emails to try and nail down a schedule, when you can automate nearly all of it?

In addition to speeding up the employee scheduling process, it also incorporates operational efficiencies through its payroll integration – tracking time and attendance and ensuring paycheck accuracy.

How Much Will honeybeeBase Cost My Company?

We get this question often.

…but how much is it costing you to NOT have a software like honeybeeBase?

How much is it costing you to manage employees manually?

Have you missed opportunities in business growth because your time is spent in daily tasks?

How many hours have you spent in spreadsheets creating employee schedules?

Editing timesheets?

Manually calculating payroll hours and tracking PTO?

Have you lost employees due to mistakes on their paychecks?

Not having a technology platform to streamline and simplify employee management could be costing you a great deal.

honeybeeBase has various, cost-effective models depending on the size and scope of your business.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start for free today – and in the meantime, schedule a live demo to learn exactly how the program can work for YOU. 

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