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You’ve probably reached a point in your business where you’re wondering what the cost of an employee management software is?

Your task list is never-ending.

Your ability to effectively manage these tasks in an efficient manner is no longer possible.

It’s a good thing, actually.

You’re not the only one contemplating an Employee Management Software (also referred to as a Human Resources Management System).

In fact, the stats indicate:

  • The global HRMS market is expected to grow to $30 billion
    by 2025 (Grand View Research)
  • 54% of companies are increasing their spending on HR Technology (HR Technology Market 2019)
  • Small businesses experienced a 28% of companies plan to replace their HRMS solution within the bext 12 months (HR Technology Market 2019)

Source: https://www.betterbuys.com/hrms/

Growing Pains

Organizations start out with few hourly employees, and have the capability to manage everything via email and/or paper submissions.

But that’s no longer the case.

As your business grows, so too does your need to utilize more sophisticated technology.

Employee management software is designed to streamline the employee management process.

And they do this through technology and automation functions within it.

So, while you could consider it an extra expense – it’s important to question what it may be costing your organization by not having an employee management software.

How much is it costing you to NOT have an Employee Management Software?

Before contemplating the need for an employee management software, ask yourself these questions:

How much time is spent manually managing your employees’ time and attendance?

How many missed opportunities have you faced in business growth because you’re spending your time in administrative tasks?

How many hours have you spent in spreadsheets creating employee schedules, editing time sheets, manually calculating payroll hours, and tracking PTO?

How many employees have you lost due to mistakes on their paychecks?

I’m sure there’s many other tasks and activities on your weekly to-do list that aren’t listed here.

And if your answers indicate that your time could be spent elsewhere – then it’s time to employ a technology platform that will help streamline and automate your day-to-day administrative tasks.

While there’s a price involved, it could be costing you a great deal by NOT having one in place.

Evaluating Employee Management Systems

Before we dive into cost, let’s review some of the basics on how to evaluate and select an employee management software that works best for YOU.

Review your daily tasks and activities and consider the things you’d like to streamline and/or automate.

Are you managing the employee schedule?

If so, you’d want to look for a software that helps you schedule employees based on their availability, and also provides the employees 24/7 access to their schedule via a portal or mobile app. 

Are you keeping track of your employees’ PTO?

If so, you’d want to look for a management software that tracks their PTO bank. This is a space where the employees can go and request time, and if approved, the time automatically applies to their PTO bank. 

Are you responsible for communicating with your employees internally?

If so, then you’d want to look for a management software that allows you to do so within the app – so documentation for reporting purposes is easy to pull.

Are your employees clocking in and out via a time clock on a day-to-day basis?

If so, then you’d want an employee management software that gives employees the ability to clock in and out via a portal or mobile app. 

This system should allow you to create rules around the time clock app to prevent time theft or buddy punching. 

Are you responsible for transferring time and attendance to payroll?

If so, then you’d want an employee management software that integrates with your payroll company – so time and attendance is transferred automatically.

If you answered YES to any or all of the above, then click here to start for FREE with honeybeeBase. 

How Much Does an Employee Management Software Cost?

For our employee management system, the cost could be anywhere from FREE to $59 per month depending on the size of your organization.

We determine size by “number of employees”.

Here’s an outline of our pricing (as of 10/2019):

  • For up to 3 users, our platform is FREE
  • For up to 25 users, our standard package is $19/month
  • For up to 100 users, our professional package is $39/month
  • For up to 250 users, our enterprise package is $59/month

Regardless of size, every employer can start for FREE – and test drive our employee management software for 28 days. 

If you determine that honeybeeBase is, in fact, the employee management software for YOU – then we’ll help you with set-up and implementation.

Start for FREE today! 

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