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Creating and Editing Schedules

Schedules and be created and edited through the schedule main menu:

Click on “edit schedules”

Choose the week you would like to edit and select “Show Detail”

Select the position and location you would like to access and click “Start” or “Edit”

Creating a Shift

To add a new shift, select the employee and day that you would like to add the shift to and click the plus sign:

Enter the start time and end time and click save

The shift is now scheduled for that employee:

Copy and Paste a shift

Once you have created a shift, you can copy that shift to paste it to a different day or for another employee.

Click on the edit pencil for the shift you would like to copy 

Select copy on that shift

Move to the day and employee that you would like to paste a copy of the shift, click the plus sign and select paste:

Open Shifts

Shifts can be created and place in open shift. This will allow you to quickly see what shifts still need to be assigned for a particular schedule. These shifts can also be sent to the shift marketplace:

Finalizing a Schedule

When a schedule is first created, it is set to draft mode to allow changes to be made quickly and easily
Once you are ready to finalize your schedule, click the draft button and select finalize:
Options will be available to make the schedule available immediately or set a date and time that you would like to make it available to view.
You can also choose to notify members of the schedule when it is finalized.
Edits can still be made to a schedule that has been finalized, you can also choose to notify schedule members of these edits.

Considering an employee management software for your business?

You’ve likely reached a time in your company where the task has become too large.

Your business has grown.

Your employee count is up.

…and no longer are you able to manage all of this on your own.


That’s an incredible place to be.

With growth comes the implementation of new processes and systems to streamline efficiency.

Here’s the top 4 things you should look for when it comes to an Employee Management Software:

  1. Track Employee Time & Attendance
  2. Seamlessly Integrate with Payroll
  3. Enable Employees to do their Best Work
  4. Offer Internal Employee Communications

We dive into each of these 4 areas – giving you a little more insight into why these components should be key points of consideration when selecting your employee management software.

Does your employee management software track employees time & attendance?

If you have hourly employees, tracking their time and attendance can be one of the most frustrating tasks.

Not to mention employers that are tracking time and attendance across multiple shifts.

To effectively track time and attendance, your employee management software should have the following functions:

The time clock feature within the employee management software enables employees to clock in and out for their shift.

By clocking in and out, you are able to see if your employees arrived for their shift and if they did so on time.

Your time clock feature should also have the ability to create rules around when employees are able of clocking in and out.

For example, to avoid employees clocking in too early for their shift – you can set the parameter to automatically clock them in no earlier than 15-minutes prior to their shift.

The employee scheduling feature within the employee management software enables you to create your shift schedules in an efficient manner.

Employees will have the option of entering their availability – and then you can automate a schedule that fits their needs.

If shifts are open, your employee scheduling feature should give you the ability to push the shift out to the “marketplace” – notifying employees of the open shift and giving them the option to “pick up a shift” that may need filled.

The PTO tracking feature within your employee management software enables you to track employees availability, along with their requests for vacation / sick time or other paid time off.

Does your employee management software seamlessly integrate with your payroll? 

Gone are the days of printing paper time sheets, having managers approve time sheets, and manually calculating hours worked for each employee.

But believe it or not, employers are still subscribed to this method.

Payroll is known to be stressful and cause headache – with numerous opportunities for error.

That is, unless you have processes and systems in place that can lean on automation to handle the tedious tasks.

We already talked about the importance of tracking time and attendance using technology – but now getting the automation of time and attendance to “talk” to your payroll system is just as important.

The integration between your employee management software and payroll company saves time and creates accuracy across the board when it comes to paychecks.

Take the task of manually calculating “hours worked for each employee” off the table – and start automating it by subscribing to an employee management software that does the work for you.

Does your employee management software enable employees to do their best work?

Today’s employee has become incredibly tech-savvy, and likely has a smart device in their pocket or hand any chance they get.

Use their knowledge of technology to your advantage.

Your employee management software should have an employee-facing mobile app that enables employees to do the following 24/7:

  • Clock in and out
  • Request time off
  • View schedule
  • View PTO bank
  • Swap shifts
  • Communicate internally with colleagues

An employee app with the above functions helps employees do their best work.

For example, an employee can look on their device at any time to know exactly what their work schedule is.

This reduces the number of times an employee will call in to speak with their manager and ask the manager to go look on the nearest bulletin board to see when their shift is.

If scheduling changes are made, the employee is notified via their mobile app.

Does your employee management software offer an internal employee communication program?

Employee communication is key.

According to Dynamic Signal, 55% of employees report that either their company doesn’t have an internal communication strategy in place or they’re unsure if one existed.

Employee communication has become a top priority in organizations – as employees are starting to feel less informed and more anxious and confused on whether or not they’re performing their job to the best of their ability.

As a result, many employees are leaving their jobs.

Employees need to know that their managers are paying attention, rewarding the good behaviors and giving feedback on the behaviors that need changed.

Employees also like to be informed about the company’s growth goals – and their contribution to those goals.

Your employee management software should incorporate an internal employee communication tool – enabling the employer to build a strategy that prioritizes communication as an important part of the company.

In Closing

You have options.

There are several employee management programs out there – but it’s important to find one that addresses all of your needs.

After all, it’s investment your company is making to help alleviate day-to-day paperwork tasks and automate the heavy lifting of employee management.

Consider these four key areas when selecting an employee management software that’s right for your business.



Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Employee Scheduling App

  1. Employee Scheduling App Puts Your Staff’s Availability All in One Place

Stop chasing your employees for their availability.

Stop wasting your time sifting through paperwork or employee emails to see when they’re available, and instead – collect it all in one place.

With honeybeeBase, employees can enter their availability into the app on their mobile device.

With automation, when it’s time to create the schedule you’ll be able to see who is available for each shift.

  1. Employee Scheduling App Gives Employees 24/7 Access to their Schedule

Many industries have multiple shifts to fill throughout the week – relying on the availability of your staff to fill those spots.

But when it comes to making sure your employee knows when they work – you can either trust they’re checking the staff bulletin board where you’ve printed an excel doc of the schedule.

Or you can put their schedule right on their mobile device.

Within the honeybeeBase app, your employees have access to their schedules at the tap of a screen.

  1. An Employee Scheduling App Gives Employees Access to Swap Schedules

Let’s say you own a restaurant – and have various shifts for your staff to fill.

Your waitress, Sam realized she has a mandatory school event next week, and can’t make her shift.

With honeybeeBase, Sam can request to swap a shift with another employee, or find another employee that’s available to fill in for her.

It makes the process easier for you and for your employees to find people to cover their shift and/or swap shifts so they can still keep their payroll hours in tact.

  1. An Employee Scheduling App Simplifies Employee Recordkeeping

We all know what you look like when it’s time to “create the employee schedule.”

You hide in your office, buried in paperwork – manually sifting through documents to see who’s available for what shifts.

Vacation request forms.

PTO requests.

Availability (or lack thereof).

It feels unorganized and overwhelming – and you’re almost guaranteed to make a mistake.

honeybeeBase eliminates that stress and reduces the potential for mistakes.

The software and mobile app allows employees to go in and enter their availability, vacation requests, and track PTO.

All of this information is populated for you, and essentially allows you to drag-and-drop employees into a shift that makes sense for their schedule, and for yours.

  1. An Employee Scheduling App Frees You Up to Focus on What Matters

honeybeeBase is proven to save you time!

It sets out to eliminate the hours you spend working IN the business, and frees you up to focus on what matters to growing your business.

Why spend hours buried in paperwork or sifting through employee emails to try and nail down a schedule, when you can automate nearly all of it?

In addition to speeding up the employee scheduling process, it also incorporates operational efficiencies through its payroll integration – tracking time and attendance and ensuring paycheck accuracy.

How Much Will honeybeeBase Cost My Company?

We get this question often.

…but how much is it costing you to NOT have a software like honeybeeBase?

How much is it costing you to manage employees manually?

Have you missed opportunities in business growth because your time is spent in daily tasks?

How many hours have you spent in spreadsheets creating employee schedules?

Editing timesheets?

Manually calculating payroll hours and tracking PTO?

Have you lost employees due to mistakes on their paychecks?

Not having a technology platform to streamline and simplify employee management could be costing you a great deal.

honeybeeBase has various, cost-effective models depending on the size and scope of your business.