Create Schedules. Erase Hassles.

Printable Schedules in Minutes:

  • Use drag & drop to easily move shifts between employees
  • Create templates or import schedules from prior weeks
  • Schedule from your computer, tablet, or phone
  • When you don’t have someone to cover a shift, you can move it into the Open Shift category and even send it out to your employees to find coverage

Compare Schedule Vs. Worked Easily:

  • Use our included time tracking and compare scheduled shifts to actual hours worked by your employee
  • Hints allow you to see potential violations

Swaps and Coverage Made Easy with Marketplace:

  • Schedule makers can send shifts to the market to be claimed
  • Employees can swap shifts automatically or with manager approval
  • Notifications can be sent when shifts are available in the marketplace

Choose when and how to inform your team:

  • Notify employees when a new schedule has been posted
  • Remind employees when their shift is about to start
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