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Do you spend too much time leading your team?

  • Do you struggle to keep task lists up to date?

  • Did your last time & attendance report have errors?

  • Are you sick of using spreadsheets to manage your people?

  • Is it challenging to find time to focus on growing your business?

  • Does manual employee management make your brain hurt?

Become one of the many companies that trust honeybeeBase to manage their business

Automate the heavy lifting of leading your team with honeybeeBase

Task Management

Create categories, lists and tasks that can be planned, managed and assigned. Employees can be notified of their assignments and progress can be monitored through the extensive activity feed available right from the dashboard.

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Time and Attendance

Provides accurate, easy to use tracking for employee hours. Web based, it can work from any device you permit and comes complete with weekly timesheets, manager approval and spreadsheet exports.

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Employee Scheduling

Provides employee scheduling with the Shift Marketplace for easy swaps, custom templates for reoccurring schedules, notifications of shifts and more

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Time Off Tracking

Employees can put in their own time off requests for management approval. Custom time off banks can be set up to track available days and automatically adjust as days off are approved.

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HoneybeeBase works great for the following industries:

  • Restaurants

  • Manufacturers

  • Retail

  • Non Profits

  • Small Businesses

  • Medical Professionals

  • Start Ups

  • And more!

Why choose honeybeeBase as your employee management software?

We built honeybeeBase™ to run our business simply because there was no other all-in-one solution to manage their team efficiently and effectively. Today, it helps thousands of business leaders nationwide save countless hours by automating menial employee management tasks.

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Our business started in the mid 1980’s as a food service business, but the honeybeeBase story evolved over the last decade as an all in one solution to assist leaders manage their team.

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What some of our thousands of users are saying:

This software changed the way our business operates for the better and eliminates a lot of paperwork.

Christopher, Estepp Shell

We were using call logs previously to track our employee hours, time off, etc. It was SO much work. Once we implemented Honeybee, it went SO much more smoothly. And the integration with QuickBooks is an added bonus!


We feel very fortunate that we found HoneyBeeBase. It has made our time tracking so much easier. We have employees in the field and in house and it has brought all that tracking into one very functional and easy to use program.

Holly, National Pride Equipment

Our team started using the task management solution and it made it so much easier to track progress and keep track of deadlines. The activity feed and access through the app on our phones makes it easy to keep on task.


How much will this employee management software cost me?

  • How much is it costing you to manage employees manually?

  • How many missed opportunities have you faced in business growth because your time is spent in daily administrative tasks?

  • How many hours have you spent in spreadsheets creating employee schedules, editing timesheets, manually calculating payroll hours, and tracking Paid Time Off (PTO)?

  • How many employees have you lost due to mistakes on their paychecks?