National Programmer's Day, September 12th - honeybeeBase

Today is National Day of the Programmer. Our team of Application Developers have always focused on creating a very simple interface for honeybeeBase. However hidden under that very simple interface are a myriad of tools that allow you to make honeybeeBase work for you in custom ways.

We would like to honor our hard working programmers by focusing on five great features they developed which allow honeybeeBase to make your life a little more easier.

honeybeeBase Win #1

Prevent early clock ins

Do you find your team clocking in a few minutes prior to their shift? Those added minutes can add up over time. The honeybeeBase solution allows you to prevent them from clocking in prior to their shift.

honeybeeBase Win #2

Notify team of an upcoming shift

Do you have a team member who is consistently missing or is late for their shift? The honeybeeBase solution allows you to send them a text notification prior to their shift to help remind them of their upcoming shift.

honeybeeBase Win #3

Call off volunteers

Does your business struggle with call offs? The honeybeeBase solution has a custom setting which allows your team to 'volunteer' for call offs. This will help those trying to cover the call off an easy way to identify whom is looking to pick up more hours.

honeybeeBase Win #4

Task activity feed right on the Task Page

Keep track of each task with a simple activity feed located at the bottom of every task screen.

honeybeeBase Win #5

Time off accruement on your birthday or anniversary date

Do you have a custom earning for your team that allows them to earn on their anniversary date or birthday? The honeybeeBase solution allows for that to happen, even allowing for custom hire dates for Time Off Accruement in case a team member was granted extra time of service at date of hire.

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