Employee Messaging & Communication Tool

Simplify your employee communication strategy.


Our messaging tool allows you to communicate across your team without the need to collect and organize email addresses for everyone.

This tool is great for the company that doesn’t want to assign a corporate email address to everyone, but wants to have a communication platform outside of using personal email addresses.

With custom distribution lists, folders, and tracking of when messages are read, this tool is a great way to communicate within the corporate environment.

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clairty.” Nat Turner


Our company wide alert system allows you to push out a notification and then track that it is acknowledged.

The alert shows up on the employee’s main screen as well as their clock in and out screen.

This tool is great to ensure that a message was pushed out and read by team members.

For example you may want to push out and have acknowledged:

  • Policy changes
  • Changes to the employee manual
  • Schedule change for a company function or meeting
  • Any other important information

The tool provides reporting on who has acknowledged each alert and when they acknowledged the alert.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

Bright Ideas

This tool allows your team members to suggest ways to improve the team’s performance.

Some of the best ideas and directional shifts in a company can come from anywhere within the company.

This tool will make it so that team member’s feel comfortable suggesting ideas to improve and allows the leadership a chance to track and respond to those suggestions.

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across they won’t get you anywhere.” Lee Iacocca


This team wide news section allows you to communicate to team members new programs, ideas, or exciting development within the teams.

You can add files to each news article, add photos, and post-date the articles so that they show up in the future.

This tool is great for communicating:

  • Positive news about the team
  • New team members that are joining the team
  • Team wide newsletters
  • Upcoming team functions or events

“Communication is the real work of leadership.” Nitin Nohria

Comm Log

The Comm Log tool was developed because our teams needed a way to communicate from shift to shift what had transpired on that shift.

The tool allows members at each location to have their own ‘log’ of events so that they can communicate things like:

  • A big order that needs to go out at a certain time
  • An equipment maintenance item that should be watched carefully
  • What might need ordered on the following week’s delivery to ensure that there are no product outages
  • An interaction with a customer that the night shift wants to make sure the leader knows about

This tool empowers the team to ensure they are communicating important things to the rest of the team and that everyone is aware of important situations.

“A lack of communication breeds assumptions of what the other is thinking or feeling; and assumptions are more often than not, incorrect.”
Misty Lynn Walker